San Diego, California Paternity Lawyer

Since 1980, San Diego Paternity Attorney John A. Delisi has represented clients throughout California in domestic cases involving paternity of minor children. Typically, paternity issues arise between unmarried parties. Either parent may file the Petition To Establish Parental Relationship and it is usually accompanied by an Order To Show Cause (request for a hearing). At the hearing, if a Prima Facie case has been made by Petitioner, DNA testing will likely be ordered by the court. If test results indicate a high probability of Paternity (such as 99%), the court can be expected to make orders of custody, visitation, and child support. As in any case involving Child Custody and Visitation, in the absence of an agreement, the parents will be ordered to Family Court Services (FCS) for mediation. FCS will then prepare a written report which will include a recommendation for a ‘Parenting Plan’.

Attorney John A. Delisi has represented mothers and fathers in paternity cases, and always provides his clients with experienced and aggressive legal representation.

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