Just as in Divorce cases, San Diego Family Law Attorney John A. Delisi has represented clients in Legal Separation cases. Often times, parties do not wish to actually terminate their marriages. Their concerns may involve insurance, particularly health insurance, taxes, religion, retirement, and children. Instead, they prefer to remain married but live separate lives under the formal auspices of the court. The residency requirements applicable to divorce cases do not apply in Legal Separation cases. Though the parties in a Legal Separation must follow and comply with the same rules as those applicable to Divorce cases, in the end, judgment does not terminate the marriage. The parties remain married but are legally separated and under the judgment of the court.

Since 1980, San Diego Lawyer John A. Delisi has represented clients in Legal Separation cases for various reasons, including because judicial relief was required without delay and Petitioner was ineligible to file a petition for Divorce due to the lack of compliance of the residency requirement in San Diego County. A Petitioner can amend his/her petition for Legal Separation to that of Dissolution if residency requirements are satisfied.

San Diego Attorney John A. Delisi will provide clients with aggressive and competent legal representation.

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